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Edubee can be a teacher

Reinforce what children learn in school and provide a supplementary method to teaching children about important subjects. Learn complex concepts from Mathematics, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry in a simplified manner. Experience rich artworks, 3D animation, and world class pedagogy technics.

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Digital Learning Platfrom

Edubee is a learning platform that partners and support organizations in all activities for e-learning. It includes hosting, training, support and all upgrades. It overcomes the challenges of non-personalized training, limited electricity, high-speed Internet, and hardware availability by leveraging multiple content dissemination channels, such as mobile, web, and tablet platforms.

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Features That Make Us Leader

Personalized Approach

We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all method of learning as well as evaluating. Every student learn differently. Each student can study as per their pace, quickly move between different topics, keep track of their performance. Teachers can provide much more accurate results, and get additional help to guide and access a student beyond the traditional methods of education.

No Retention Prejudiced!

Design content considering all types of learners and their memories; such as Visual-learn what you see, Kinesthetic – learn what they do, Auditory – learn what they hear, Stress- learn what stresses them, Ease-learn what relaxes them, Scribble-learn what they write out, Trust-learn from authority, Teach-learn from teaching, Copy-learn what they can copy.

Break Geographical Barriers

Breaking the geographical barriers where students can seek guidance from diverse teachers and instructors worldwide. Students and teachers can easily connect with their peers, where each brings their unique perspective and culture to the table.

Digital Instructional Material (DIM)

The concept ‘Instructional Materials’ is not only associated with textbooks, but also with information and communication technologies (ICT). Digital instructional materials achieve recognition on par with the clear and familiar image of a textbook.